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Floating in the Lake

Floating in Lake Houston, or maybe just passing through with the prevailing wind, tons of debris is washed up to bulkheads and captured by various water features on the lake.  The Walden C.S.A. owns three such water features:  (1) the canal between Hikers Trail and Relay Road; (2) the boat launch on Nehoc Lane; and (3) the boat dock in Waterhaven.

While much of this floating debris and plant life ebbs and flows, the Association is obliged to address it when it rests on or in the water features.  The Association has put tens of thousands of dollars into removal of floaters this year, and it will continue to do so. 

You may have seen the back hoes and dumpsters used to perform this task.  It’s not just Styrofoam cups and bait bags; rather it includes tree trunks approaching the size of utility poles, along with the dreaded and highly contagious Water Hyacinth.  The government controls disposal of some of these things.  Water Hyacinth, for example, must be piled and dried for 2 weeks before it can be transported to a landfill.  Even in the absence of the Hyacinth, plant material must be allowed to drain in the dumpster for a week.

If you see a pile of stuff at the mouth of the canal, please know that it’s not a dump – it’s just drying before removal.  And when you see a dumpster at the boat launch, please don’t fill it with your personal trash bags.  That only makes the project slower and more costly.

The Association can’t keep the boat launch free of debris on a daily basis, so any debris you can toss aside when you launch will be appreciated.  We will pick it up regularly.

Thank you for your patience.